VidMate – Download VidMate App, VidMate APK Download – official 2021 – Latest Version

VidMate APK Download : VidMate is world best video downloader application for Android and iOS Mobile. If You want to Download Videos and Music from Facebook, YouTube, Dailymotion, SnapChat and Many More website, Then we are Recommend to Download VidMate App or VidMate Apk from below Given Link.

What is VidMate

VidMate is world best and very popular free video and music downloading app for Android and iOS Mobile. In Simple Words, VidMate APK is Best Free Video Downloading App for Android Mobile.

VidMate allows user to Search and download videos from various platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Vimeo, Instagram and many more. This App is also provides APK downloading Service for users.

VidMate App Information

App / APK NameVidMate
Min OS RequirementsAndroid 4.1+
Latest Version VidMate v4.48
Update Date15 March 2021
CategoryFree Video Download App ॰ Video Downloader

Features of VidMate

There are many other apps that claim to be similar to VidMate, but in reality none are similar to Video Downloading Apps like VidMate APK. It is built with the best and most advanced technology. VidMate App allows to download videos at the fastest speed, as well as videos can be downloaded by it in slow Internet Speed. Most Unique Features of VidMate is given below :

  • Fastest Download Speed.
  • Unlimited Videos, Music and Movies Download.
  • User Friendly Interface.
  • High Quality Video, Music and Movies Download.
  • Work on slow Internet Speed.
  • Live TV Channel Service.
  • HD Video Support
  • Android Support
  • Streaming TV
  • inbuilt search,
  • inbuilt video player and music player
  • file share feature

For more detail Click Here : VidMate APK Features.


VidMate APK Download

VidMate provides videos, music and movies downloading service. If you want to download Videos, music and movies from social media platforms, then use VidMate APK. VidMate is revolutionary app for Video downloading with the user friendly interface and best features.

This is Best Free Video Downloading App. VidMate APK offers great features for PC user and Android Device user for Video Downloading. We are provides Latest VidMate APK Download Link.

VidMate APK Latest Version 2021 Download Free

VidMate is a free video download app available for Android that lets you download videos of any type from the internet. With the help of VidMate, you can download and watch any video from any website.

VidMate Latest Version APK 2021 Download link is given below. If you want to download Latest version of VidMate App then Click Below button.

VidMate is world best video download App available for Android and PC. Its allow user to download Video from various social media websites such as Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Vimeo, Instagram and much more.

VidMate Latest Version APK 2021 is safe and secure for installation. Developers add more feature in latest version. If you use old version of VidMate App, then we are suggest to update with VidMate Latest Version APK 2021. VidMate Latest Version App download link is given below.

VidMate Old Version APK Download and Install

VidMate Old Version APK Download : VidMate is very popular free video downloading app. So far 27 versions of VidMate have been launched, which are given below. If you are looking for the old version of VidMate, then you are at the right place.

Here we will give you information about all the old version of VidMate. You can download all the old version of VidMate APK from the link given below.

VidMate was launched on 18 December 2012. Its 1st version was named v3.34, which had a size of 6.9MB. VidMate old Version information and VidMate old version Download Link is given below.

VidMate old Version NameYearLaunch DateAPK Size
v4.4840VidMate 20212021-03-1519.1 MB
v4.4706VidMate 20202020-12-2918.4 MB
v4.4612VidMate 20202020-12-1118.4 MB
v4.4508VidMate 20202020-11-2318.2 MB
v4.4419VidMate 20202020-10-1217.1 MB
v4.4318VidMate 20202020-09-2418.1 MB
v4.4305VidMate 20202020-09-1418.0 MB
v4.4214VidMate 20202020-09-0317.9 MB
v4.4109VidMate 20202020-08-2017.4 MB
v4.4006VidMate 20202020-08-1917.0 MB
v4.3909VidMate 20202020-07-2116.0 MB
v4.3802VidMate 20202020-07-0315.9 MB
v4.3524VidMate 20202020-06-0216.2 MB
v4.3511VidMate 20202020-05-1915.8 MB
v4.3417VidMate 20202020-05-1815.6 MB
v4.3320VidMate 20202020-04-2815.5 MB
v4.3209VidMate 20202020-04-0915.2 MB
v4.3131VidMate 20202020-03-2514.8 MB
v4.3017VidMate 20202020-03-0614.1 MB
v4.2918VidMate 20202020-02-1814.0 MB
v4.2910VidMate 20202020-01-1913.7 MB
v4.2514VidMate 20192019-11-2513.2 MB
v4.2412VidMate 20192019-11-1415.3 MB
v4.2104VidMate 20192019-09-0813.4 MB
v4.1807VidMate 20192019-07-1912.7 MB
v3.41VidMate 20182018-03-138.0 MB
v3.34VidMate 20172017-12-186.9 MB

Download VidMate for PC – Windows 10 | 8 | XP | 7 | 32 bit | 64bit

VidMate for PC is a world best fully-featured free HD video downloader App, that allows user to download HD, MP4 and MKV Quality video from many social media platforms such as Facebook, Youtube, Dailymotion, Vimeo, Instagram and many more sites.

VidMate for PC is available for Microsoft Windows All Version like Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows XP, Windows Vista (32 bit and 64 bit). If you want to download VidMate in your PC or Computer, then we recommend to download latest version of VidMate for PC App 2021.

VidMate for PC is best video downloader software in the current time. VidMate provides inbuilt VidMate Download Manager where you can manage all your downloaded Video and movies.

VidMate for PC also Provides many more App inbuilt features such as Download Manager, Video and Audio Player, Video Convertor. VidMate PC interface is user friendly. VidMate for PC supported all Windows OS version, which information is given below.

Windows Version NameBit
Windows 1032 bit | 64bit
Windows 832 bit | 64bit
Windows 732 bit | 64bit
Windows XP32 bit | 64bit
Windows Vista32 bit | 64bit

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VidMate for PC Web

VidMate UptoDown – APK Download Free Direct Link

How to Download & Install VidMate in Android
VidMate for Android :
Click Here : VidMate for Android

How to Download & Install VidMate in in iOS / iPhone
VidMate for iOS / iPhone :
Click Here : VidMate for iOS

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Which version of VidMate is best?

VidMate APK version v4.4840 is best for all users. VidMate old Version is also popular among Android Users.

Which country app is VidMate?

VidMate is Chinese App. Founder/developer of VidMate App is UC Web developers (Alibaba group Company).

Is Vidmate safe for android?

Absolutely, it is safe to download but many users reported that VidMate automatically download & install unnecessary third-party apps on mobile without user permission. During our test, we found that user report is true. Now you decide whether you want to download VidMate App in your mobile or not?